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In light of the late 2010 addition of flouride to the San Diego water supply (as stated in the Water Authority's mailer that wea all recieved)and your recent requests as to what to do about it I have posted some research information below. It starts with an email from the representative at Vitasalus. I personally will be purchasing the Flouride Master filter from Vitasalus (weblinks below). You can read about their filters on their website. Below that are more links to information on flouride and why it is not good for us! If you have any other information for me on this topic, please forward it and I'll take a look.

(Start of email)

No problem...
Reverse Osmosis and Distillation remove fluoride handily, however, these processes typically create "acidic" "dead" or "hungry" water.  The pH is usually affected negatively and the cost are quite high especially as a whole house solution.  Activated Alumina is another effective method to address Fluoride; in the past we used Activated Alumina, however, there are concerns that aluminum leaches into the water supply as a result of this process.
So, currently we use Bone Char which is as effective if not better than Activated Alumina and is not as sensitive to other variables in the water, ie. ph and Hardness.  There is no concern with metals leaching into the water as a result of this process so we are comfortable with the media and its performance.  The FluorideMaster is designed around 1ppm @ 300,000 gallon lifespan.  If the Fluoride is higher than 1ppm the life will be affected or vice versa.
The FluorideMaster often compliments the PureMaster which focuses on other chemicals, ie. chlorine, chlorine byproducts, chloramines, trace pharmaceutical drugs, caffeine, hormones, etc...
PureMaster V-750:

PureMaster V-750 / FluorideMaster Combo:

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